Friday, June 12, 2009

I Wrote to Les Moonves and You Can Too

If you haven't heard, recently David Letterman made fun of Sarah Palin's "slutty flight-attendant look" on the weekly top ten.

I just don't understand: Whenever someone in the media, publicly or privately, is found to have used an ethnic slur, there's uproar. But somehow it's okay to call a woman, who is a public figure, a slut.

If you, like MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer, don't understand what's so bad about being called a slut - has a good article on the issue.

The National Organization for Women has set up a website where you can write to the head of CBS: Here.


MitMoi said...

I am surprised in reading (a few of) the comments on Salon's article that they just don't GET it.

I thought her tone of (writing) voice was very even. And thought she was right to point out this wasn't about party politics, but sexual politics.

It still amazes me those who don't see - or refuse to recognize. It's even more discouraging to hear these thoughts echoed in the halls and offices of the company I work for ... Have we made any progress at all since the '50s?

wv: aphall - variation of appalled at y'all.

Leslie said...

It is surprising and appalling. Clearly we still have a ways to go.