Monday, May 25, 2009


Is that a feeder bunny I see on the right?

On Lily's last night we went out to Taipei's most touristy night market, Snake Alley, where people go to admire and/or eat snakes.

Just like my Uncle Indiana, I'm not a big fan of the snake. But I managed to cowboy up and ingest some.

Snakes are about as delicious as they are cute.

Lily one-upped me and had two bites.
The meat was icky. Very chewy. Not flavorful. One bite was enough. Our meal also came with a shot of snake blood, snake bile and snake poison.

From Snake-a-Snake-a-Snake!

The "poison" and the "bile" just tasted like booze, so I suspect there was just a tiny bit, if any, of the actual snake stuff in it.

The rest of the table passed on "bile."


The blood was disgusting, and by far my least favorite part of the meal. It had some sort of herbs in it.

Dinner on Display!
It was a quirky way to top off a great weekend with Lily. She's somewhere over the Pacific now, bound for Los Angeles. I was sad to see her go.

Videos of all the snake-eating tomfoolery are posted on my YouTube.


MitMoi said...


I've eaten snake - fried rattlesnake to be exact. It was slightly chewy and I think the crunchy-coating is where the flavor came from. I could take it or leave it. BUT SNAKE BLOOD, BILE, AND ... POISON?? No thank you. Silly thrill-seeking Taiwanese.

Lily said...

snake-ah, snake-ah, snake-ah, snake-ah!

Thanks for the hilarity and not the H :)