Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lost in Translation: Little Bird

This one is from a Chinese class friend. He's an English teacher too, and, like me, often practices his Chinese on his English students.

He was joking with kids between classes last week and used the idiom, "A little bird told me." But he said it in Chinese. But in Chinese little bird (xiao niao) is a euphemism for penis.

He said they didn't even laugh. They just stared at him.


MitMoi said...

hmm - so many things to laugh about in that translation. I wonder if the kids were embarrassed to have a white man admitting his was little.


Easy peasey lemon squeezy said...

hhaha, penises are so funny.

i was just talking to a friend who thought that the scientific name was "weiner" all through middle school. And every time someone said "penis," his eyes would widen and his hand cover his mouth.
"Oh my gosh, I can't believe he cussed!"

hah, how do you say Big Bird in Chinese?

love ezra

Leslie said...

"a friend" eh? sure that kid wasn't you, haha!

Big Bird ... well, I suppose that would be "da niao." So there's you're daily vocab. add, courtesy of moi ;)