Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rock Out Diabetes Walk

And now for another video of my amazing brothers "singing funny things" at a fundraiser.
Whenever I watch these, I feel like coming home. Also - two weeks ago I ate a "barbecue" sandwich at T.G.I.'s and thought it was delicious. If that's not proof I've been away from America too long, nothing is.

The boy band (ouch, I bet they don't want me to call it that) is playing at Siuslaw Middle School Friday. And Billy is singing "Amazing Grace" during the church service Sunday. I really wish I could be home for that. But I would probably cry and everyone would be embarrassed.

As for here in Taiwan: On Saturday I got to see Invitation Only (Taiwan's first slasher-horror)with a director Q&A for free because James' uncle's friend's daughter is the leading actress. Gotta love that guanxi. A L.A.M.P. post will follow shortly.


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