Tuesday, April 7, 2009

L.A.M.P.: Shinjuku Incident

Hong Kong movie wherein Jackie Chan plays an illegal immigrant ensnared in a web of grifting and Japanese gang violence.

It wont be screened in mainland China. The People's Republic deemed it too violent. In truth, I had to cover my eyes when gangsters cut off Jackie's friend's hand outside the guy's chestnut stand. Eeeeeeh.

My biggest problem was the movie starts with Jackie as a poor farmer in Northern China. He is engaged to a young country lass, who looks much, much younger. The girl moves to Japan. Jackie immigrates to track her down. I spent half the movie tsk, tsking 55-year-old Jackie for chasing jailbait.

During the second half of the movie, I realized there was a big time lapse between the China scenes and Jackie's arrival in Japan. The lovers are supposed to be near in age. But Jackie just looked old throughout. Lighting and makeup, folks...

Other than that, it was really fun. Japanese is a great language for gangsters. And the muscle carried machetes instead of guns. That is cool.

At the end a swarm of gangsters attacks Jackie Chan's headquarters. One of them prefaces the fight with, "Now we will use the Bushido Way." Turns out the Bushido Way is hurling sizable rocks at second-story windows. That is also cool.

Again, could not find a U.S. release date, but here's the trailer.

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