Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Them Done

Friday was pay day. Saturday I went to the mall and two salesladies in matching skirt suits talked me into making a deposit for a glamour photo shoot. It's hard to turn down women dressed like twins saying things like, "You eyes is so beautiful!" and "We are so happy, you are our first foreigner friend!" But really, I've been thinking about glamour shots for awhile.

Taipei and Hong Kong are the places to get them done. Taipei is preferred because it's cheaper. Some people (engaged couples) even make special trips to get them. Here are just a few of the many, many entertaining examples I found online:

I don't think I'll have any turtleneck guys unzipping my dress, and I don't plan on wearing disco pants - but I think you get the point.

For $2,888 (about $100 U.S.) I get four costume, hair and makeup changes. That's comparable to what my college graduation prints cost, and you don't get any costume changes with those. In fact, one of my four proofs was unusable: When the photographer told me to tilt my head and "gaze into the future," my lazy eye wandered astray. Glamour shots should be much more fun.

I hope the studio has four American-sized outfits. I'm bringing my own shoes.

I'm very, very, very excited.


bcalidusd said...

I was searching around Google for glam shots in Taipei cause I'm going there for Xmas as a trip; was wondering where you went to get your shots done... do you have a website?

bcalidusd said...

If you do see this, would totally appreciate if you could send an email to ~ THANKS