Friday, April 24, 2009

Eat Happy Wine

Chinese Anecdote of the Day:

Today we learned "chi xi jiu," or, "eat happy wine" is a Chinese idiom for wedding. So you say, "I'm going to go eat happy wine." And everyone knows you're going to a wedding.

Speaking of weddings, my classmate from South Africa got married Tuesday. And my Australian classmate leaves Monday for her wedding/honeymoon in Bali. The life of an ex-pat is sooooo roooomantic.

And yesterday, during a break from Chinese class, we all peered out the third-story window to watch men in dress shirts strapping a bamboo tree to the top of a sedan, another Chinese wedding tradition.

My teacher explained the symbolic significance of tying a bamboo tree to the roof of one's car, but I forgot it. I think it had to do with eternity.

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