Monday, February 2, 2009

still got it

Today I found a space on the train next to a group of guys wearing prep jackets and sporting what I refer to simply as androgynous Asian rockstar hair.One was beatboxing while another did the robot. I tried not to look at them, as I got the feeling they were doing so for my benefit and I didn't want to encourage them. But they began giggling and looking at me, so I knew the approach was imminent. One came up and addressed me in Chinese.

Me: Ting bu dong. (I don't understand)

Him: Oh. You don't speak Chinese?

Me: No.

Him: Oh. Where are you from?

Me: America.

Him: Oh.

He turns back to his friends and they discuss amongst themselves.

Him: Your eyes are so beautiful.

Me: Oh. Thank you.

Him: How old are you?

Me: 22.

He laughs maniacally.

Me: What?

Him: You look so young!

Me: How old are you?

Him: 17.

Me: Oh, I'm way too old for you.

Him: I like your smile.

The conversation died shortly thereafter.

Maybe I should go back to the U.S. and troll for prom dates.


Ezra said...

Actually, Sadie Hawkins is just right around the corner.

love ezra

MitMoi said...

Leslie and the Boy Toys. It has the making of a great group. Or Book. Or play!

Word verification: scorood (sounds like screwed if you have trouble with the "r" sound, I think)

Lily said...

Look up An Cafe. Visual Kei is a terrifying movement.

Leslie said...

Oh man, if I were a young Asian man I would be all in that biznaz!

Thanks for the tip off, Lil.