Thursday, February 26, 2009

Budding Rockstars Debut

Last weekend my brothers' band debuted at a local benefit concert. They got 'em dancing in the front! You can't see Ricky too well, but I think he has a hat on backwards. I was never allowed to wear hats backwards when I was his age. Ah, how things change. Wearing a hat sideways, however, is still a grave offense in the Jones household.

This is the third time in two months I've posted my brothers playing. That might seem excessive to some, but the really great thing about a blog is there's no one three cubicles away to say, "Leslie, no one cares about this. Hack six inches off the bottom."

True, other writing ventures have paid an hourly wage, whereas my blog has earned 46 cents to date (thanks, Google Ads!). But my blog never greets me in the morning with "Plane Crash. Two dead. Already dealt with the FAA, we just need you to get the families," or "So you're doing dead soldier, right? The dead soldier obit?"

Can't put a price on that.

Tomorrow I have orientation at NTU, I'm back in class, baby!


Lily said...

Well, I suppose I'd click more but I see offers like this: "Welcome. We take you to everywhere at any time in Taiwan." Man I want to be everywhere! Anytime too!

The other ad is for me to find love with Chinese girls. There is just no part of that ad that I want. Although it does make me wonder what you're writing about to trigger the latter. I think one of my coworkers might use that service...

Ezra said...

dude, I wish I was there.

The next big thing: The Jones Brothers.

love ezra